Eco-Inter (Ita) adopts new refractory drying technologies

Eco-Inter (Ita) adopts new refractory drying technologies

The company recently commissioned a new dryer supplied to Eco-Inter, a well-known Italian producer of refractories for the ceramic and food industries located in the province of Novara.

The static chamber dryer has a drying capacity of 10 tonnes of refractory materials with cycles ranging from 6 to 24 hours depending on the type of product.

The main components are a multi-damper Air Handling Unit (AHU), a humidification system based on high-pressure spraying, and an external air and moist air injection/extraction control system to manage the thermodynamic parameters of the drying process.

The AHU supplies hot air mixed with part of the external air to ensure ideal temperature and humidity values inside the dryer chamber.

The calibrated perforated metal sheet located on the walls of the dryer guarantees the maximum air flow homogeneity over all material inside the chamber.

An indirect fume/air heat exchanger with a forced draught gas burner is used to avoid the presence of fumes inside the dryer. 
This means that the plant can perform complete air recirculation, resulting in considerable energy savings.