Glaze Dryer

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Glaze Dryer
The Glaze Dryer, for its nature, is designed to be set up at the entry of the firing kiln for two main purposes:

A  -  drying the ceramic glaze
B  -  cutting the cycle time of the kiln

During the glazing phase a humid glaze is normally coated with an increase of weight of about 3% of the ceramic piece.

This dryer is quite similar to the static dryer (distribution through perforated sheet) but the air volumes are here reduced.

Our dryers  type “Glaze Dryer” are designed  to run with air from TOTAL RECYCLE source. This idea  is due to three main reasons:
1 - to avoid the thermal pollution of the environmental ambient.
2 - to avoid that iron or fired particles lay on the glazed surface.
3 - to reduce the energetic consumption. As a matter of fact the  traditional system based above the use of the  air coming from the chimney of the kiln creates a high thermal consumption compared with the system based on the re-circulation of the air but mostly makes null any energy recovery (close loop).