Thermal Plant

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Thermal Plant

A must for the new sanitary-ware production plants is a peculiar attention to the centralized thermal energy production, instead of the old system type Stand-Alone with autonomous burners.

Here-below the advantages raising from a centralized production source (thermal station) with distribution through a piping line suitable to feed hot or over-hot water:

  • It is universally known that the combustion efficiency of a burner, is linked to a good stoichiometric regulation depending on the ability of the operator. Obviously the control of many burners installed in various departments is quite impossible whereas one only centralized burner can be constantly controlled even through the installation of a continuous combustion analyzer system.

       - MAINTENANCE  
  • The maintenance cost is more economic considering one burner instead of 20 or 30 machines.

       - SECURITY  
  • The level of security is highly improved by having presence of gas, other flammable or explosive elements in one only room and not in other spaces of the factory.

       - SUPPLYNESS  
  • No need of being linked to the Policy of primary energies since at any moment it will be possible to change the burner from the thermal station, for example a gas burner can be replaced with other source equipment feed by kerosene, heavy oil, bunker C, GPL, wood, coal, hydrogen or any other form of energy.
  • Centralized system allows to get an important concentrated system for all the energetic recoveries (firing kiln) or other alternative sources.

       - COSTS  
  • A Higher cost is normally compensated by the lower cost of the installed equipment since all the burners that work with dryers, conditioning systems, casting equipment etc, are simply replaced by COIL (water-air exchangers).

  • The regulation through the 3-ways valve of a coil is more performing than with a burner.